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By participating in our Challenge Leader program, we provide the opportunity for you to clarify your Purpose, build on your Passion and Practice your leadership.

We provide both theoretical and practical ways for you to grow as a leader and a global citizen. Whilst a big focus of the program is recruiting a team to travel overseas with you to your chosen destination, it really is so much more than that. With 1 on 1 mentorship, weekly calls, social events and 2 unique and inspiring leadership training weekends, you’ll see yourself grow immensely over a 9-12 month period.

You’ll also become part of a global community of people who care, by having the opportunity to connect with all of the other Challenge Leaders from around Australia, you’ll join a truly unique community who feel empowered and passionate about creating positive change in the world.

Ready to change the world? Apply Now!

What’s involved in the program?

  • You’ll choose a Challenge that inspires you

  • You’ll recruit your own team of 10-20 people to travel with you

  • You’ll have weekly calls with your Challenges Abroad Australia mentor to focus on recruitment support and developing further as a leader

  • You’ll host team meetings with your team leading up to your program

  • You’ll attend 2 INCREDIBLE leadership training weekends with leadership professionals

  • You’ll attend social events with our other Challenge Leaders

  • You’ll have the opportunity to fundraise to support our life-changing charity, the FutureSense Foundation

What are the benefits?

  • You’ll gain essential and unique skills for future employment

  • You’ll use your real skills to make a real impact in community development overseas

  • You’ll connect in with an inspiring and empowering community of Challenge Leaders

  • You’ll learn new skills by attending professional leadership workshops

  • You’ll visit a unique community untouched by tourism

  • You’ll be sure you’re making a sustainable and ethical impact overseas

  • You’ll grow an amazing team who no doubt will become life-long friends

  • You’ll work very closely with our in-country team, providing you with an insight into professional international community development


And on-top of all that

  • When you recruit a team of 5 you’ll receive $300 off your program fee

  • For each person over the team of 5 you recruit, you’ll receive $100 off your program fee

  • When you 15 team members, your program cost is FREE

  • For any person over the team of 15 you recruit, you’ll receive $100 towards your flights and other costs


How to Apply

Browse through our challenges and identify a few that appeal most to you and then fill out our online application! Expect an email from your local Student Engagement Manager within a few days with the next steps towards your journey in becoming a Challenge Leader!