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Become a Leader

On our Challenge Leader program you'll be able to put the skills you're learning at uni to good use as you clarify your purpose, build on your passion and put your leadership skills into practice. You'll also gain a whole heap of new skills that will give you the edge you need to land your dream job one day! And on top of all this, you'll get to be a part of the global movement to end inequality. 



what our leaders say:

"I think it's invaluable the skills that you'll learn as a challenge leader, from the training camps to the experiences you'll have with your team overseas"

Hannah Watts, India Community Challenge Leader, 2019


"A key thing I've learnt from the training is how to engage others as a leader and really draw together a team that works really well together. I would totally recommend becoming a challenge leader, it's such a great experience and you'll learn so many skills from it."

Claire Wastell, Machu Picchu Challenge Leader, 2019


"I would absolutely recommend becoming a challenge leader. It's an amazing experience, a good thing to put on your CV, you get to make new friends and it's a good personal challenge. It's definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life"

Julia Broadbent, Cambodia Health Promotion Challenge Leader, 2018



Why become a leader?

  • You'll gain essential and unique skills for future employment.

  • You'll make a real difference to marginalised communities overseas.

  • You'll join an inspiring and empowering community of Challenge Leaders.

  • You'll create an amazing team and form lifelong friendships.

  • You'll get a discount on the cost of your Challenge.

  • You'll have the time of your life travelling and volunteering overseas!


What being a leader involves:

  • Choosing a volunteering Challenge that inspires you and recruiting a team of 10-20 people to travel with you.

  • Attending our 2 amazing leadership training weekends hosted by leadership professionals.

  • Getting support and guidance from your own Challenges Abroad leadership mentor.

  • Hosting meetings with your team leading up to travel.

  • Attending social events with our Challenge Leaders.

You can read the full position description here.



More perks!

Being a Challenge Leader means that you will have to dedicate some of your time to the role as you recruit your team. We understand that this is time you could otherwise be working to help pay for your program, which is why we offer a discount on your program fee to make up for this:

  • When you recruit a team of 5 you'll receive a $300 discount on the cost of your Challenge!

  • For each person over the team of 5 you recruit, you'll receive an additional $100 discount!

  • When you recruit 15 team members, your program will be FREE (minus the $250 registration fee)

  • For any person over the team of 15 you recruit, you'll receive $100 towards your flights and other travel costs!


How The Application Process Works

Once you've had a look through our Challenges and chosen a few that are the most inspiring you're ready to apply! The application process is really simple and only involves a few steps:

  1. Fill out the online application. It'll only take a few minutes!

  2. Wait for one of our mentors to organise a phone interview with you.

  3. Meet with your mentor in person for your induction.

  4. You're ready to get recruiting!