We know it’s already April and although we’re so excited looking forward to all of the incredible things that will happen this year, we also love to look back on the year that was. So here we are, highlighting and celebrating 8 (of the many) amazing things our volunteers helped us achieve in 2018:

  1. A group of education students helped to develop and implement a new module-based English curriculum in Peru that will see all children who are currently in Grade 2 have basic conversational English comprehension by 2022.

  2. Our Sustainability group ran 8 workshops for 450 students in Nepal focusing on increasing knowledge of recycling and environmental issues.

  3. In Tanzania our Football program continued to serve 1,221 children, with an increased focus on promoting girls into leadership positions to further drive gender equality and the value of girls in Leadership!

  4. An incredible group of health students ran 2 FREE clinics in 2 villages in Cambodia, providing free exams and medication for 470 people.

  5. Our Paramedic Volunteers delivered 284 emergency medical response workshops to 27 first responders and 186 community members in Thailand.

  6. An India Community Challenge group helped to build and install a new water filtration system at one of our partner high schools, providing clean drinking water to 150 students and their teachers.

  7. One of our Peru Health Promotion groups helped us introduce our first health-based workshops, focusing on improving nutrition, diet and promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community.

  8. An incredible Cambodia Health Promotion team fundraised to purchase and provide 100 Menstruation Packs to young girls in one of our partner schools.

We could go on for hours about all of the inspiring things our volunteers achieved in 2018, but why don’t you just join a program and experience it all yourself?