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An Insight into Our Cambodia Health Promotion Challenge

By Juliette


1. Was your challenge what you expected? Why/why not? 

What we were teaching the children was expected however no one could really plan for the difficulties conveying our message and the massive culture shock. I definitely faced challenges I didn’t expect to be so hard; from sharing a room three other girls to getting blank looks in the classroom. Although, these challenges were soon overcome.


2. What was your highest high from whilst volunteering?

 It would definitely be spending time with and teaching the children. Just laughing and messing around whilst playing tag on breaks – it was so uplifting and just made me remember why we were there.


3. What was your lowest low whilst volunteering?

We spent a few days seeing the hospitals and clinics and it was quite emotional seeing all those sick patients and not being able to help, knowing that most hospitals are lacking services and equipment that we take for granted.


4. What would you do differently if you were to go on another CAA challenge?

I would choose to go on the extension trip because it looked like a lot of fun from all the photos I saw of others in my group!


5. Has your challenge experience changed you at all? If yes, how so?

This challenge has made me more of a global citizen. I am now more aware of the challenges faced by other countries, and I have an understanding that although I am only one person, I can still make a difference.


6. What would be your top 3 tips to a future volunteer?

a) Don’t hesitate, just get stuck in with whatever you’re doing!

b) Get to know everyone because you might come out of it with some amazing friends!

c) Make sure you pack plenty of insect repellent because nobody wants to be bitten everywhere!


If you want an experience just like Hannah’s, then why not join our upcoming Cambodian Health Promotion Challenges? Our next trips are offered in July 2020, as well as at the end of the year.


On this challenge, you will be delivering health workshops to a range of people – kids, parents, teachers – to help the community learn the knowledge they need to stay healthy. If you are studying a degree related to health services, i.e. allied health, paramedicine, nursing, etc., then this is the perfect challenge for you!


In the community of Battambang, you’re close enough to Siem Reap to spend your weekend in this bustling city. Take the weekend to visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed Angkor Wat temple complex and see what everyone’s been talking about!


Learn from Hannah’s mistakes and reserve your spot on the extension trip while you’re at it. For only $900, you’ll spend a week touring some of Cambodia's most beautiful natural landscapes and important cultural sites. After an intense challenge in a remote area, it is such an experience to gain a broader perspective of the entire country in which you’ve volunteered.


Starting in Phnom Penh, you'll have the opportunity to explore Toul Sleng, the Killing Fields and the Royal Palace. Next, you'll head to Sen Monorom where you'll be trekking across stunning Cambodian scenery with hill tribe home stays and discovering waterfalls and much more along the way! Finally, you'll head to Kratie for a Mekong river boat trip and a chance to see Irrawaddy dolphins


Check out all the details and download the daily itinerary here.