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A meaningful and safe overseas experience 

Our mission is to ignite compassion and create a new generation of global citizens passionate about helping others. We want to provide young Australians with the tools they need to develop into culturally competent young leaders on a structured and meaningful overseas experience. 


Why volunteer overseas?

Volunteering overseas is an opportunity like no other for your child to step out of their comfort zone and build character. It will allow them to broaden their horizons while making a difference to a marginalised community. We could go on forever, so we've summarised just a few of our favourite benefits of volunteering:

  • Independence. There's nothing like the sense of accomplishment your child will get when they step out of their comfort zone, travel overseas with new people and work on a project that will benefit those less fortunate than them. Their

  • Confidence. Navigating a foreign culture, communicating through a language barrier and working in a team to complete a challenge will boost your child's confidence like nothing else. If they can do this, they can do anything!  

  • Employability Skills. Volunteering overseas will help your child stand out in the ever more competitive job market. Among other things, they'll enhance their communication, team work, time management and leadership skills!  

  • Global Citizenship. Volunteering on one of our Challenges is your child's passport to Global Citizenship. They'll not only become more engaged in the world around them, but also in their own community when they return!


We provide comprehensive support to all participants

Leading up to their trip your child will have full support from our expert team here in Australia. We'll guide them through everything from how to book flights and travel insurance to what they should be packing for the trip! 8 weeks before departure we'll host a pre-departure meeting so that your child is fully prepared for the upcoming adventure. When you child is overseas they'll have 24/7 support from our staff on the ground who live and work in the community year-round and have years of experience looking after our volunteers. If you child is on our Schoolies program, they'll have their own Schoolies leader travelling with them from Australia!


All our destinations are safe

All of our destinations are risk assessed on a regular basis and we carefully monitor the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade safety ratings for any change. Our in-country teams ensure that all locations are secure before volunteers arrive and have the capacity to modify our Challenges where necessary to ensure your child's safety.

Check out all of our safety procedures here


If you'd like some more information about your child's program, email [email protected] and we'll be in touch!