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Customised credit bearing programs

Since our establishment we have sent out over 2,000 students from over 15 Australian universities and tailored programs for more than 20 different faculties. We have extensive experience tailoring credit bearing programs to meet faculty and/or unit requirements as well as student demand. We offer comprehensive support to our university partners and students and strive to provide the exemplary services that each partner requires to ensure students have a memorable learning experience.


Virtual Programs

In response to the travel restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19, in September 2020 we began offering virtual programs to students in Australia, alongside our charity in Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. We are able to create and customise virtual programs to your students to meet faculty or unit requirements, with set projects and clear deliverables. We are also able to assist in submitting variations to assist you in utilising existing NCP grants to support a virtual program. The feedback from students and universities involved in our virtual programs to date has been overwhelmingly positive. Students are reporting back that, despite the virtual nature of the program, they felt incredibly immersed and connected with our in-country teams and the projects they are working on.


Why choose us?

  • We create mutually beneficial programs for partner communities and students.

  • Our programs are sustainable and long-lasting.

  • We regularly monitor and asses our projects.

  • We have exemplary risk management procedures and a proven track record.

  • We provide comprehensive support for students and faculty.

  • We are committed to developing students as global citizens and leaders.

  • We offer a range of opportunities and programs that can be customised to meet curriculum demands for credit bearing units.

  • We have an in-depth understanding of outbound mobility including federal government funding initiatives in the Australian higher education sector.


What we offer our university partners:

  • Customised programs to meet course specific requirements and student demand.

  • Dedicated CAA staff member to support program development and promotion.

  • Flexible itineraries.

  • Site visits and study tours.

  • Language classes.

  • In country lectures to support academic content if appropriate.

  • University staff inclusion on program if required.

  • Peace of mind knowing that students have 24/7 support from our dedicated on the ground staff who live in country year-round.

  • Optional travel extensions.

  • Competitive program rates with low initial deposit to secure place and instalments for the balance.


Our program areas include:

  • Business and Social Enterprise

  • Education

  • Public Health

  • Community Development

  • Nursing

  • Paramedicine

  • Global Studies

  • Engineering

  • Animation

  • Environment and Sustainability 

  • IT

  • Counselling

  • Psychology

  • Music

  • Film and Photography

  • Creative Arts

  • Internships


For more information please email [email protected] and one of our university representatives will be in touch!