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My name is Alyce Finnen and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at the University of Queensland. Studying in this field has made me so aware of how important the basic humanitarian needs are for people to live a healthy life, therefore embarking on my Nepal Recovery Challenge to help less fortunate people was such an easy decision.

Alyce 2.2I spent three weeks volunteering in Nepal, in the little town of Dhulikhel, about an hour and a half drive from Kathmandu. As Nepal recently endured a devastating earthquake in 2015, we embarked on a recovery challenge to teach English and refurbish our school.

It was so gratifying to travel with a daily routine for three weeks, as we got to walk past the same locals, buildings and beautiful scenery on our daily trip to and from school, meaning we got a real insight into the culture of these beautiful Nepalese people. Everyday after we embarked on our walk and had our morning coffee and cake from one of the local shops, we would arrive at school to play with the children. We were blessed to witness their morning ritual of their national anthem and a dance of worship and once classes started we would split up to either teach our English classes or continue to refurbish a new computer room and repaint/ brighten up the walls of the school. As home time came around we would all wave goodbye and see the way their faces lit up when we said we would be back tomorrow.

Alyce 4.4I gained such a sense of happiness from my experience and honestly learnt to appreciate the little things and little smiles we created each day. I found the Nepalese have such perseverance to enjoy their lives, which considering the circumstances they endure truly changed my outlook on materialistic things.

Upon learning about global citizenship and being asked what my definition of it was, I have come to realize that even though I am just one person, I can still make a difference to a few lives by simply giving some of my time. To convince people that they are special enough to do something meaningful with their lives is what I have become to believe global citizenship is all about.

To pick a favorite moment is almost impossible, however watching the entire school gather together to perform the dances we taught them and the traditional dances they prepared for our farewell was the most rewarding way for our journeys to part on that last day. To have everyone in one place and all their attention on the same thing is a moment that will not be forgotten.

CAA gave me the opportunity to view the world in a different light. When you join a challenge with CAA you will understand how different cultures can influence you in a way that when you return home, you have a different view on what aspects of your life will be important to your future.Alyce 5

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