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Ethical, long-term and sustainable impact is at our core.

The FutureSense Foundation is a registered charity (UK no. 1132101) that supports community development in some of the poorest regions of the world. FutureSense is aligned with the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and is committed implementing long-term programs with a specific focus on education, health and livelihood support. With a team based year-round in each country, FutureSense is able to work hand-in-hand with the local community, delivering programs that address actual needs to make a long lasting impact. Our partnership with FutureSense enables us to ensure that all of our volunteer programs have a long-term, sustainable community impact.


Our unique model

The way that FutureSense makes an impact is truly unique. In consultation with local partners, each in-country team develops a range of long-term programs that address community needs in line with the framework set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These programs are structured to be delivered by our volunteers, with each group or individual building on the work of previous volunteers. What this means is that while you might only be volunteering for a few weeks, you can still make a significant impact in the community and contribute to long-term change.


The Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the guiding principles that shape the work of the FutureSense Foundation and ensure that we are part of a coordinated global effort to end inequality. The following goals form a core part of FutureSense's community development strategy:

No Poverty. We're committed to eradicating poverty in the communities we support through the creation of greater economic opportunities.

Zero Hunger. Through education we aim to enable the next generation to come out of the poverty cycle, while at the same time addressing issues around food wastage and nutrition.

Good Health & Well-Being. Through our Health Promotion programs we use education to raise awareness of health related issues and promote healthy lifestyles amongst communities.

Quality Education. For us, quality education is the key to eradicating poverty, and through our Education programmes we enable children and young people to fulfil their potential.

Gender Equality. We use education as a means to drive greater gender equality in the communities we support and also believe that the female volunteers on our programs illustrate incredible leadership skills in inspiring the next generation of female leaders.

Clean Water & Sanitation. We work to provide access to clean drinking water in the communities we support while improving sanitation and access to toilets, particularly for girls in all the schools we work with.

Reduced Inequalities. Through all of our programs, we focus on creating greater economic opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged communities around the world.

Climate Action. As an organisation we continue to strive to reduce our own climate footprint, whilst also running Education and Sustainability programmes with our partners.

Partnerships for the Goals. The SDGs can only be realized with a strong commitment to global partnerships and cooperation. We rely on strong local partnerships to develop and implement all of our development programmes around the world.