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Every aspect of our Challenges has been structured to ensure your safety.


24/7 overseas support

Our in-country teams will be there to provide you full support during your Challenge, from the moment you arrive at the airport to when you board your flight home at the end of your time overseas with us. They will help keep you safe and guide you through your Challenge as you work with the local community. We also have a 24/7 hotline linked to our central support team that you or your family can call at any time in case of an emergency.



Our participants health and safety whilst overseas is our biggest priority. We are putting in place additional measures as a result of COVID-19 to enhance health and safety practices when travel resumes. Some of these measures include increased cleaning at our accommodation, reducing the number of participants sharing bathroom facilities, mandatory hand-washing before meals and an in-depth review of all in-country risk management processes. We also have additional COVID flexibility measures to give you peace of mind.


Thoughtfully selected locations

All of our destinations are risk assessed on a regular basis and we carefully monitor the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade safety ratings for any change. Our in-country teams ensure that all locations are secure before volunteers arrive and have the capacity to modify our Challenges where necessary to ensure your safety. Our staff on the ground live permanently in the areas where we work and will provide you with a culturally relevant safety briefing when you arrive.


No third parties

During your Challenge you will be working on FutureSense programs that help our community partners (schools, monasteries and health centres). We oversee every aspect of your Challenge to make sure that you won't be undertaking risky or dangerous activities, and that your work will make a difference in the local community. We're not linked to any large tour companies or similar organisations because we believe that the only way to ensure your safety and a positive impact in the community is by developing and implementing your volunteer program ourselves.


Expert preparation

Leading up to your Challenge you'll have full support from our Australian team. From figuring out which flights to book to what clothes to pack, we'll be here to guide you every step of the way. Eight weeks before travel you'll attend a pre-departure briefing session where we'll run through every aspect of your Challenge and make sure that you are well prepared for your impending adventure!


Travel insurance

We make sure that all of our participants have comprehensive travel insurance before commencing their Challenge. You'll be covered if you need to delay your Challenge due to illness or injury before you travel and you'll be covered for medical costs should you need to seek treatment overseas. Our in-country teams are well equipped to help you seek medical treatment and get in contact with your insurance as needed.