Uni isn’t just a time when you’re learning the fundamental knowledge required to enter a specific workforce. It’s a time when you undergo tremendous personal development and growth as you experience a world of freedom and exciting new ideas! Leadership too, isn’t just about being able to get the skills that will make you a high-level manager one day. Leadership skills are useful (and often essential) in everyday life. Here’s why we think you should develop your leadership skills while you’re at uni:


1. You will discover how much you’re really capable of

It isn’t until you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone that you truly understand what you can and can’t do. It can feel strange attempting to do something you’re not usually comfortable doing, but it will feel extremely rewarding when you discover new talents and abilities you didn’t think you had. You’ll have more confidence and these new skills might even shape your future study or professional career! So, put your hand up for that committee position at the uni club you joined, start a campaign on campus to bring awareness to an issue you’re passionate about, or simply be the leader for your next group assignment – you’ll be all the better for it!


2. You have the chance to make mistakes

We all know that to get good at something you need to practice, make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. A good leader needs to be organized, have good communication skills, be able to motivate people, and have the ability to solve problems effectively. Practicing these skills while you’re uni means that you can learn and make mistakes in an environment where the stakes aren’t quite as high as in a professional workplace.


3. Landing a grad job

In an increasingly competitive workforce, employers are now looking at more than GPA when hiring. They want graduates who are not only successful academically, but who have participated in a range of activities while studying that have given them additional skills relevant to the workplace. For prospective employers, a graduate with leadership skills indicates that they will be motivated, organized, positive, able to communicate effectively and will show initiative. Having these skills will help your CV stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for jobs.


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