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There are many things that might be running through your mind as you prepare for your overseas trip.

Luckily, once you join your Challenge we’ll send you a welcome pack with heaps of essential information to help you prepare! These are just a few of the key things you'll need to think about when you’re getting ready for your Challenge: 



Don’t have one? Get started early! You might think it only takes a few weeks to get a passport, but filling out the application, finding all the necessary documents, getting your photos done and waiting for it to get back to you can take longer than you think. You must also check your current passport expiry date! If it’s less than 6 months you will need to renew it, as most countries won’t let you enter with less than 6 months validity.



Your welcome pack will include information related to the country you’re heading to and the type of visa required! Some visa processes will be super quick and easy and others may be a bit more challenging and time consuming. Start the process early after you’ve registered to make sure you’ve got zero stress as your trip gets closer.



Many developing countries have health issues we don’t have to worry about in Australia, so this means you may need vaccinations to prevent you against any unwanted nasties! Organize an appointment with your GP or a travel doctor, tell them where you’re heading and they’ll get you sorted out for any vaccinations you might need.


Travel Insurance.

You should always have travel insurance when travelling overseas! This covers you for any medical or health issues, missing baggage, stolen items and more. Although the chances are you won't need it to use it, it’s still important to get, especially since medical costs for hospitals can get super expensive if you need to use them. You should be able to easily find affordable travel insurance by doing a simple Google search, or chat to your team members to see what they have - your university might even offer free insurance!


Do your research.

Where you’re travelling will be very different to Australia! Research the local weather, customs and essential sayings like, ‘Hello’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ to make your transition into the country much easier. It also shows a lot of respect to the locals if you have a basic understanding of their culture. We’ll also do some in-depth cultural sessions with you, both pre-departure and during your orientation overseas!



When your Challenge is getting close, it’s time to pack! It’s respectful to cover up in many of the countries we work in, so think comfy loose pants, t-shirts and a good pair of shoes for your day-to-day activities. Research the kind of activities you’ll be doing and what you might decide to do on the weekends, along with the weather, to make sure you have all the essentials. We’ll send you a nifty packing list as well so that you can make sure you have everything you need!