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Vital Stats

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Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia + Chile

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Population = 32 Million People

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Currency = Nuevo Sol

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Language = Spanish

About Peru

Even though Peru has a booming tourism industry and has made great progress in recent years, it still faces significant social and economic challenges. Many communities live below the poverty line and struggle to access quality healthcare, education and income generation opportunities, which is why we need your help to make a change.

We work in the Sacred Valley, in and around the town of Urubamba. Here you won’t be far from UNESCO World Heritage city Cusco and you’ll be surrounded by the stunning Andes mountain range and rich Quechua culture! We work alongside the community to ensure that our programs are meeting current needs and volunteers like you can make a long lasting, positive impact!

We have an exciting range of volunteer programs on offer including teaching, healthcare, community development, environment sustainability and conservation. By joining one of our Challenges in Peru, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Amazon and trek to Machu Picchu, all while supporting the local community on the volunteer adventure of a lifetime!

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