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Virtual Internships

Want to get a real taste for overseas community development? Our virtual internships give you the opportunity to spend 3-5 weeks working with our overseas teams to solve complex issues. This program will allow you to develop your skillset and contribute to international social impact, all from the comfort of your home. You'll gain international exposure while enhancing your employability and engaging directly with our in-country teams and community members. Virtual internships are available and on offer for both university and high school students looking to develop their skills and make an impact.

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Studying education or interested to see if being a teacher is the career path for you? Joining one of our international education programs is the perfect opportunity to volunteer overseas with local children in a school environment and even do some teaching yourself!

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Our environment-focused challenges are directly linked to UN Sustainable Development Goals 13 & 15: 'Climate Action' and 'Life on Land'. You'll get to help local communities overseas develop and implement sustainable practices that not only benefit them, but the environment as well!

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Are you a health science, allied health or medicine student, or have qualifications in the field? Our overseas healthcare challenges will be the perfect fit for you! You'll be able to use your skills to work on real public health initiatives overseas that improve community health, while also gaining a first-hand understanding of the challenges that face the health systems in our partner communities.

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Community Development

If you're studying Community Development / Global Studies or just really passionate about working overseas on a grassroots community development program, then these international volunteer challenges are perfect for you! You'll get to work closely with the local community on projects directly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Want to travel overseas and make a difference in one of our partner communities but also seeking that adrenaline rush? Look no further than our Adventure Challenges! As well as working on your international project, you could be trekking into the Himalayas, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, working with Elephants, or making your way to the mystical Machu Picchu!

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Leadership Program

Do you want to develop your leadership overseas? Look no further than our Challenge Leader program! We invest in our Challenge Leaders, providing ongoing mentoring and professional leadership training that will add tremendous value to your CV and help shape you into a global leader.

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Overseas Internships

Want to get a real taste for overseas community development? Our international internships give you the opportunity to spend 4-12 weeks working with our overseas teams to solve complex issues. Perfect for Australian students interested in community development, health, education, business or social enterprise!

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Schoolies with Impact

Do something different to celebrate finishing high school! On our schoolies program you'll make a difference overseas while experiencing a new culture, discovering delicious local food and exploring incredible sites. Before you travel you'll even get to attend some amazing Character Builders workshops that will give you the skills you need to change the world!

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Study Tours