As the clock strikes midnight and the calendar turns one more time, the promise of a new year brings with it an endless wave of possibilities. This is the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey – a chance to redefine yourself and set some new goals. In preparation for the New Year, it’s time to explore how you can shape your "New Year, New Me" adventure: Travel, Saving Money, Becoming a Global Citizen, Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone and Working Towards Being a Global Leader. 

Resolution 1: Travel – Expand Your Horizons:  

The world is your classroom. This year, make a resolution to travel and broaden your horizons. Travel, in any form, is a transformative experience, but it doesn’t get much more transformative than going off the beaten track, immersing yourself in the local culture and using your skills and knowledge to participate in a global development project. To make this resolution a reality, you need to consider when, where and how. Start by choosing what time of the year you’d like to travel and setting yourself a budget. The next step would be to research destinations that are in line with your budget and choose how you’d like to make an impact. Embrace the adventure, engage with the local community, and take every opportunity to learn from the world around you. 


A piece of advice: plan ahead and be open-minded 

  • Plan your trips well in advance so that you can save more and secure the best deals on flights. 
  • Embrace spontaneity and be open to new experiences. Step out of your comfort zone and try local foods, customs, and activities.

Resolution 2: Saving Money – Financial Freedom for Future Adventures:  

While the allure of travel is undeniable, it's crucial to be financially savvy as a university student. This year, make a resolution to save money and set yourself up for future adventures. Start by creating a budget that includes both your income and expenses (you might want to break this down into fortnightly or monthly budgets, or you could structure it around pay-days or student loan deposits). Identify areas where you can cut costs, such as cooking at home instead of dining out, or cycling instead of paying for transport. Consider opening a savings account specifically for your travel fund and make a habit of contributing to it regularly. 


A piece of advice: track your expenses and set realistic goals 

  • Consider using a budgeting app to track your spending habits and identify opportunities to save and areas for improvement. 
  • Set realistic savings goals and celebrate small victories along the way. Reward yourself when you reach financial milestones (these rewards could be linked to your travel aspirations – booking a day trip for while you’re in Cambodia or treating yourself to a break from hostels with a night in a nice hotel). 


Resolution 3: Become a Global Citizen – Make a Positive Impact:  

You have the power to become a global citizen. But what does this mean? – someone who is aware of and actively contributes to the well-being of the global community (read more). This year, make a resolution to make a positive impact on the world. Get involved in volunteer opportunities, participate in community development projects, and take steps to joining a community of likeminded individuals that align with your values. Be open to meeting new people, engage in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and cultivate empathy and understanding. 


A piece of advice: take action and educate yourself 

  • Identify causes that resonate with you and find organisations working towards those goals. 
  • Educate yourself on global issues and stay informed about current events. Engage in conversations that challenge your perspectives and foster a sense of global awareness. 

Resolution 4: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – Embrace Growth:

University is a time for personal growth and self-discovery. This year, make a resolution to step outside your comfort zone and embrace new challenges. Join clubs or organisations that align with your interests but push you to explore new facets of yourself. Take on leadership roles, attend networking events, and try things that will challenge and develop your existing skills. It’s outside of your comfort zone that you’ll find that you learn the most. 


A piece of advice: embrace failure and learn from experiences 

  • Understand that stepping outside your comfort zone may come with moments of discomfort or failure. Embrace these experiences as opportunities for growth. 
  • Reflect on your experiences, both positive and negative, and use them as steppingstones toward becoming the best version of yourself. 

Resolution 5: Working Towards Being a Global Leader – Integrating Leadership, Passion, and Purpose: 

Finally, make a resolution to actively cultivate and showcase your leadership potential. Whether it's organising events, leading a project, or mentoring fellow students, these experiences will help you hone crucial leadership skills such as communication, decision-making, and teamwork. Think of this as a time of exploration, and finding your passion is a key aspect of personal and professional fulfilment. Push yourself to actively explore your interests and identify what truly excites and motivates you. Your passion is often linked to what brings you joy and a sense of purpose – a deeper understanding of why you do what you do. What impact do you want to make on the world? What values and principles guide your decisions? Identifying your purpose will help you make more intentional choices in both your personal and academic life. 

Once you've identified how to build your leadership skills, recognised your passion, and established your purpose, it's time to put everything into practice. Consider taking on a leadership role that aligns with your passion and purpose... our Challenge Leader Program might be just what you’re looking for! 


Piece of advice: embrace holistic growth and adaptability 

  • Understand that personal and leadership development is a continuous process. Embrace each opportunity for growth and be adaptable in the face of challenges. 
  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals who share your passion and purpose. Together, you can amplify your impact and create meaningful change. 


As you stand on the threshold of a new year, remember that the journey of self-discovery and growth is ongoing. Embrace the adventure, set meaningful resolutions that can be integrated into your daily life, and embark on a path that leads to a "New Year, New Me." Whether you're exploring new lands, mastering financial independence, contributing to global causes, or stepping outside your comfort zone, each resolution brings you closer to the vibrant, multifaceted person you are destined to become. Cheers to a year of exploration, self-discovery growth, and the pursuit of your passion and purpose! 


If you're resolutions align with ours, we'd love to keep up to date with your progress! Keep in touch via Instagram and share your journey towards global citizenship and travel adventures in 2024... @challengesabroad