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Imagine Fundraising Your Entire Trip Abroad!


Money doesn’t have to be a barrier when taking on one of our volunteer challenges. Because unlike a standard holiday or Contiki tour, you have the chance to fundraise your entire trip abroad with us, and it’s easier than you think.  

Since being hit by COVID, Challenges Abroad have introduced a number of measures to keep you safe and secure when booking with us. We have several flexible booking guarantees, such as no change of date fee and flexible payment plans. We understand as a student, money doesn’t always come into our pockets in large sums. That’s why you can pay off your challenge in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments! 

But before you start planning your installments from your personal finances, let’s take a dive into the world of fundraising.  

First off, word of mouth is very powerful when you’re getting yourself ready to volunteer abroad. Spread your exciting future adventure with family, friends, classmates or even strangers! You’ll find that a lot of people aren’t in a position to go out into the world and volunteer, so when they hear of someone they know, going out to make a difference, they jump at the chance to support your efforts. 

Our team of experts have put together a FREE fundraising pack for those that would like to join our community of global citizens. In this pack we prepare you on how to start your fundraising efforts, and support you in sharing some of our top fundraising campaigns. You will be surprised with just how much you can raise!  

At Challenges Abroad we can also connect you with Alumni who have stood where you are, at the very beginning of your journey! Download our pack now to hear from a past Challenge Leader on how they raised over $500 AUD in support of their program.