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Most Instagrammable Places in India  

By Sarah 


Let’s talk about India, a country made up of beautiful colours and culture. We want to give you a little preview of some of the most instagrammable places near our base in India.  

Capture the country’s beautiful nature and architecture, unlike anything we have seen here in Australia, making all your friends wish they were on the adventure too. When you book one of our programs in India be sure to clear your camera roll! 


Taj Mahal 

First, let's talk about the elephant in the room, the Taj Mahal. One of the seven wonders of the world, you cannot go to India without having seen it. Of course, like any popular attraction, there can be crowds. But if you can be a little bit creative and get the right angle, you can make it appear as if the Taj Mahal is empty. Then you’ll capture some amazing Instagram-worthy shots.  



Palampur Tea Gardens 

Our home in India, Palampur, is surrounded by tea gardens and forests that connect with the Dhauladhar ranges. The tea gardens are so beautiful and are a place where you can feel closer to nature. Did you know that Palampur is the tea capital of North India? There is something so satisfying in photographing these evenly shaped tea leaves, it really is such a site. But be aware, you will probably take a thousand photos. 



Saurabh Van Vihar 

A beautiful park with views of the snowy Dhauladhar mountains and a boating lake. It offers an amazing panoramic view of nature and is home to several trees, plants and birds. But here you’ll also find a beautiful bridge which presents the perfect photo opportunity!  


Tashi Jong Monastery  

The monastery is a very calm and peaceful place. The whole structure is decorated with paintings, woodcarving and gilding (a decorative technique for applying a very thin layer of gold to solid surfaces). Get a group photo with the beautiful colours smashing together in the background, or get lost in the surrounding gardens.  



These are only a few of our favourite places, but without a doubt, you’ll snap some very worthy Instagram pics! Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see some of our shots in India and if you would like to learn more about India you can look here and here