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Taste Thailand

By Sarah Dean


The home of Pad Thai, you won’t want to miss your chance to experience the taste of Thailand next year. Thai food offers a balance of all flavours, including 5 main tastes of spicy, salty, sour, sweet and bitter.  



The flavours alive today in modern Thailand come from years and years of history. Dating back to as early as the 13th century, the heart of Siamese cuisine as we see today was established. Thai people have used a numerous type of meat with rice, herbs, garlic and vegetables and later China imported noodles to the country as well as the most famous Thai cooking tool, the wok.  

Served at most Thai restaurants and as street food, Pad Thai is a staple in the country. A stir-fried noodle dish with flat rice noodles, eggs, beansprouts and sauces. It can be made with beef, chicken and tofu with other vegetables.  



Thailand is also known for its amazing curries. As mentioned in one of our previous blog, curries in Thailand are a lot creamier, made of coconut milk. One of the most popular curries is the Thai green chicken curry. If you're someone that enjoys coconut this dish is sure to get your tastebuds going. Consisting of chicken cooked in coconut milk with lime leaves, basil, onions and green curry paste.  

Another popular dish is Massaman curry, a curry made of chicken cooked in coconut flavours with potatoes and massamam curry paste.  



Aside from the traditional curries of Thailand, a satay goes a long way! A classic appetizer in Thailand is the delicious chicken satay and guess what it’s served with chunky peanut sauce. This dish is loved by all! 

If you’re looking for a sweet treat on the street your answer is Roti. It didn’t originate in Thailand but over time it has become one of the most popular treats on the streets in Thailand. Most of our volunteers give this one a try as it is similar to a pancake or crepe. It is also made right in front of your eyes by creative vendors who stretch the dough out very thin. The dough gets put onto a large hotplate and filled with banana and condensed milk along with chocolate sauce. Once slightly brown it is all folded together and served.  



Sometimes trying new foods and flavours can be daunting, but with everything there is to offer in Thailand we assure you’ll love the taste of Thailand. If you’re keen to try, check out our cook book offering dishes from all our homes across the world!


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