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The best free travel apps to have when you travel abroad


The app marketplace is oversaturated, and it can become overwhelming on what we should allow to take up space on our phone when travelling. Should I pay that $5.99 or just go with the free version? 

We like to take the stress out of your travel plans, which is why we have done the research for you. Don’t waste your time or money on the gimmicky apps or the ones falsely advertised. We’ve broken up the apps into four categories, sightseeing, accommodation, flights and handy helpers.  


Flight Apps 

Let's start with flights! We’re going to suggest 2 apps here, one for flight tracking and info, and the other for finding the best and cheapest flights.  

Written in the name itself, the Flight Tracker app is a great app to track and follow upcoming flights. Just put in your flight info and you’ll get detailed gate information, baggage claim info, alerts for flight delays and even schedule flight reminders. The app provides flight duration, detailed maps and can track any flight in the world. Flight Tracker is compatible with Apple and Android and has a free option with all the quirks and advantages.  



Skyscanner has to be one of the best methods to finding cheap flights. You can download the app on Apple or Android devices for free, searching millions of flights from over 1200 sources, finding you the best option available. Their chart allows you to see the cheapest days to fly as well as the easiest route to your destination. You can also set up notifications for price changes.  


Accomodation Apps 

The next thing you’ll be needing to consider is accommodation. These suggested apps are all free and accessible to Apple and Android users. If you’re looking for a hotel, the most easy and comprehensive app to use is With over 27 million listings, you can book hotels or other accommodation with just a few clicks. The app features several filters when searching, such as, free parking, wi-fi, pool etc. It will also rank your search based off past user's reviews.  



If you’re wanting to really experience the country you’re visiting, or maybe you’re travelling solo, you might want to try Hostelworld. The app presents a full-screen interactive map which allows users to see if the hostel is near where you want to be. It also shows all the reviews for each hostel a few taps away.  

Another option for your accommodation is renting out small houses/apartments or individual rooms with Airbnb which is a happy medium of hotels and hostels. This is a great opportunity to stay with local hosts, who can provide you with great insight of the area. The app gives great searching filters and can be a lot more reassuring when contacting owners.  


Sightseeing Apps 

Probably the king of knowledge is the TripAdvisor app. From restaurant reviews to local attractions and activities to do, this app is perfect for several travel scenarios. With over 500 million reviews, TripAdvisor gives abundant tips and knowledge on travel. They offer downloadable maps, options to reserve a table at nearby restaurant, only a few clicks away.  



If you’re wanting to get outdoors on a trail, All Trails is the one you want. It gives you a range of trails for hiking or biking. The app offers over 50,000 trail maps, each having reviews and photos from the community of outdoor lovers. It even offers you trips on what to pack and some of the challenges found along the path.  


Handy helper Apps 

To be a well organised traveler, we suggest TripIt so that you can travel with ease. When you book your flight and accommodation, this app allows you to create an itinerary all in one place at the click of your fingers. It is also an easy way to share itineraries with friends and family. Once created, you will also be able to access the itinerary offline to avoid download charges abroad.  

XE Currency App offers you live exchange rates for every currency. Don’t let yourself get ripped off with those confusing exchange rates! This app is a must for calculating how much money to get out at foreign ATMs and spending at the local market. It is super easy to use, can function offline and gives you accurate rates. This app is a MUST! 

Speaking of money, are you someone who wants to track your travel expenses while abroad? Trail Wallet is the best in the biz. It allows users to organise their finances by month or by trip, set budgets and track your spending.  



When travelling abroad, there is a chance English will not be spoken by everyone, and it is also a chance for you to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn a new language. We definitely recommend downloading Google Translate. With 103 languages for text translation lose the confusion with this translation hub. The app can also convert real images with text into English, which is super handy when faced with confusing signs. You definitely want this on your phone.  

Then last but not least, we suggest you download AccuWeather. This might not seem necessary as phones generally come with a weather app, but they won’t compete with this one. With superior accuracy and minute-by-minute updates, you’ll have an accurate read on the upcoming weather.  


While we do not know when travel will resume here in Australia, we do know that with our helpful tips you will be ready for the best adventure out of this pandemic. Check out the programs we will be running in 2022 here