Be the change you want to see in the world.

We believe in the power of young people to change the world, which is why we're dedicated to helping create the next generation of global leaders. By becoming a challenge leader, you'll be at the forefront of the global movement to end inequality and inspiring others to join you. 

purpose | passion | practice.

As a challenge leader, you will have the opportunity to clarify your purpose, build on your passion and put your leadership skills into practice

You'll learn both theoretical and practical ways for you to grow as a leader and a global citizen while you recruit and lead your team of volunteers on an overseas program of your choice.

You'll get to connect with our other leaders across Australia and become part of our global community of people who care, inspiring each other to create positive change around the world!

You’ll develop essential skills that will be valuable for your future and boost your employability in an ever-changing job market.  


who can become a challenge leader?

Anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills and is passionate about making a difference can become a leader! Our program is especially suited to university students, recent graduates and students on a gap year.  


what our leaders say

"I think it's invaluable the skills that you'll learn as a challenge leader, from the training camps to the experiences you'll have with your team overseas"

Hannah Watts, India Community Challenge, 2019


"A key thing I've learnt from the training is how to engage others as a leader and really draw together a team that works really well together. I would totally recommend becoming a challenge leader, it's such a great experience and you'll learn so many skills from it."

Claire Wastell, Machu Picchu Challenge, 2019


"I would absolutely recommend becoming a challenge leader. It's an amazing experience, a good thing to put on your CV, you get to make new friends and it's a good personal challenge. It's definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life"

Julia Broadbent, Cambodia Health Promotion Challenge, 2018