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As 2022 offers some exciting prospects for adventurous people who are ready to hop on a plane and begin experiencing all the amazing places once again, traveling in a post-covid world may look a little different.


For some, the idea of heading abroad may seem a little daunting, but don’t you worry! We are here to give you all the tips and tricks to give you the confidence to book your dream trip!


When Booking


Of course, booking your trip, flights, and everything else that’s involved, is the first step to traveling abroad, although with the unforeseen changes in travel over the last two years, how and whom you do this with, matters!


#1 – Check the booking changes and covid related policies


The first tip is to ALWAYS review a company’s policies around making changes to a booking in the event of the pandemic affecting your ability to travel.


At Challenges Abroad, we have a fully flexible booking guarantee, which allows you to transfer dates, destinations or receive a credit voucher free of charge if there are any unexpected changes. Plus we have fully flexible payment options for your trip cost!


Some airlines,  have also got great, fully flexible booking policies which protect you if you need to make changes to your trip beforehand.


#2 – Be mindful about how you book your flights


This leads to the next top tip; be super careful not to fall into the trap of using cheaper ‘flight finder websites’ that direct you to book through third-party providers, that do not have good policies around making changes to your bookings.


A lot of these third-party flight booking companies or websites have very limited support, making it really difficult to get through if you need to make changes to your booking, and the airline itself won't be able to assist, as you didn’t book directly with them.


Just check the booking terms and conditions as some do still have options in place.


#3 – Organise travel insurance straight away, and ensure it has Covid Cover


Travel insurance in a post-covid world is non-negotiable. Not only does it ensure you will be covered if something un-covid related happens, but now, many also offer cover for covid related incidents.


However, the trick is to ensure you find one that does include a comprehensive cover for Covid related disruption to your travel!


Be sure to shop around and review the different insurers to see who offers the best covid related cover. A great way to do this is just to give them a call and double-check what policies include what, so you can make sure you don’t accidentally get the wrong one.


In the lead up to your trip


#4 – Be sure to stay up to date with testing and entry requirements


Thankfully changes to border restrictions seem to have subsided, however, it is still necessary to keep up to date with the different entry and exit requirements of both your home country and wherever it is you are traveling.


For Australians, the Australian Government Smart Traveller website is a one-stop-shop for travel requirements and restrictions around the world




This one is really not an option, as without being fully vaccinated at least 7 days before departure, you won’t be going anywhere.


The majority of countries around the world, including most airlines will not let people fly or enter without a full vaccination certificate.


#6 – See a Travel GP and get any other required vaccines or general health advice for when you're abroad


Whilst this is something that most people have already been doing for a long time, with hospital systems being challenged around the world, taking extra care and looking after your health as best you can when abroad, is more important than ever.


#7 – Print off physical copies of your vaccine certificates, other required documents, and identification


It is always a good idea to have physical backup copies of your important documents and ID when traveling.


You never know, your phone could go flat whilst in transit, internet may not always be readily available and if you happen to be slightly unlucky, your bag, ID, or phone could get lost or stolen, leaving you unable to access the essential documents.


When you depart or have landed in-country


#8 – Take good care of personal hygiene and use plenty of sanitiser


Especially when you are on the plane, be sure to have on hand a packet of antibacterial wipes so that you can regularly wipe down seats, tray tables, door handles, armrests, and anything else that someone else may have touched!


In addition, take proper hand sanitiser, and multiple masks so that you can always have clean hands and change your mask regularly.


You can even get mini spray bottles of liquid sanitiser, which I always take with me, and just about spray everything I come into contact with!


#9 – Eat well, stay hydrated and maintain a healthy immune system


When you're abroad, to help avoid getting sick in general, but also with the possibility of Covid, you must take care of your body and maintain a really strong immune system to better fight off potential illness.


Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, drink lots and lots of water, plus general health supplements, such as garlic and horseradish, or vitamins can help give you the extra boost.


#10 – Enjoy yourself and try not to worry about something changing too much!


You are traveling abroad, it’s a time where you should actively ensure you savour every moment, have plenty of new experiences and make so many memories!


Whilst it’s good to keep updated with the situation around covid when overseas, try not to let this overtake your trip or cause you heaps of stress! If something was to drastically change, like border closures, your friends and family will certainly let you know if you haven’t heard already, plus if you have adequate travel insurance, you should be well protected in the event you have to quarantine abroad for example.


The more you cause yourself stress, the less you will enjoy your trip and the more you will weaken that immune system!


So, whilst there are always a few more things you can do to further prepare yourself for travel in a post covid world, things are looking positive for us avid global explorers! It's just important that before you go, you tick all the boxes and double-check that you have, or have done, everything you need to travel, following Australia, the airlines, and your destination requirements.


So, are you ready to book your next trip with us? Get back to travel and enjoy the world in 2022!