our impact

Our volunteer programs are centred on a long-term, positive and sustainable impact in our partner communities. 


our charity: the futuresense foundation

Our volunteers support the community development work of our charity. FutureSense live and work in our communities year-round so that there is consistent and reliable support. Our country teams form strong and equal partnerships with local community members and local organisations like health clinics, schools and NGOs. Together, they work to identify community needs and set long-term goals to guide our work. 


the UN Sustainable Development Goals

All of our work is guided by the framework of the SDGs. These goals were set by the United Nations in 2015 and aim to coordinate a global effort to end inequality by 2030. 

The SDGs that are the most intrinsic to our development programs include No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Wellbeing, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Clean Water & Sanitation, Reduced Inequalities and Climate Action.

Some of the goals we set with our communities to help achieve the SDGs include increasing school attendance rates, reducing plastic waste, improving women's health awareness, stimulating local social enterprise and more.


how volunteers contribute to our impact

Our unique model means that even though our volunteers are only working in our communities for 2-3 weeks at a time, they can still make a sustainable impact. 

Each of our volunteer programs works on a specific project that will get us one step closer to achieving our goals. This could be running creative arts classes to engage children in their education, delivering women's health workshops or teaching about climate change. 

The impact our volunteers make might not be visible after 2 or 3 weeks, but their contribution is essential. As each volunteer program builds on the work of the last, all the pieces come together and we see ongoing, sustainable progress.