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7 Reasons why Visiting Tanzania should be at the Top of your Bucket List

by isabelle mills


In movies, we see lions, drylands, big jeeps on safari and gazelles bounding across the tall grass in the foreground of a setting sun. However, in Africa, there are a variety of terrain, animals, and people from all walks of life that make up this gorgeous country. From a tropical island to hot springs, many places mightn’t come to mind when one thinks of Africa. Read on to see why Tanzania is the destination to visit!


1. An Unexpected Island Paradise

Zanzibar is a tropical island paradise that you can only get to via plane or boat. Going by boat allows for a cheaper and breezy transit, especially as the speed boat you travel on has a lower and top deck. The plane ticket is a little over double the cost of a boat ticket but still offers the same gorgeous views. One of the fascinating sites that you can visit while in Zanzibar is Stone Town. This ancient city is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, it’s layout is puzzling and has many curving paths and roads. With its gorgeous buildings, little restaurants, and helpful locals, it might be the best place to get lost! Don’t be afraid to try out the local flavour, with its various curries, spicy dishes, crunchy fritters, and fresh local seafood. Before the seafood ends up on your plate, make sure you go snorkelling to see the beautiful sea life and ocean around Zanzibar.


2. Top National Parks To See

Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania and this vast landscape holds the largest elephant population in the country and many other wildlife species. This includes buffaloes, gazelles, ostriches, cheetahs, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles and over 400 types of birds. Here you can find both the savannah lands and the woodland terrain, therefore you have animals from both landscapes.


Gombe Stream National Park, in western Tanzania, is a green jungle-like landscape with grasslands and the smallest of Tanzania’s parks. This park was made famous by Jane Goodall’s research of chimpanzees. Not only do chimps call the area home but also a wide range of other monkeys and primates.


Katavi National Park is a lesser-known park compared to Tanzania’s other wonders yet it is the third-largest in the country. This park features crocodiles and hippos surrounding water holes and rivers, some include the Katuma River, Lake Katavi, and the Lake Chada floodplains.


3. An Authentic Safari Experience

Tanzania is arguably one of the best safari destinations in all of Africa, one of the biggest reasons is the annual event that sees herds of animals coming back to graze and visit mating grounds, this is known as the Great Migration. You can enjoy a safari in one of the National Parks mentioned above or at a place of your choice. Some aren’t just a day trip and offer more than just a drive through the landscape. Because safaris are such an iconic part of African tourism, you will be able to find plenty of programs that will suit you and your travel plans.


Because of the higher regard for animal conservation in recent years, supporting tourism based around seeing the gorgeous native animals can assist local groups in their preservation goals. Not only are there the classic dryland safaris but you can also venture into woodlands, wetlands, and areas filled with an array of different animals. There are more than just lions to see!


4. Our Trek to Mt Kilimanjaro!

We have a range of volunteer programs available including teaching, community development, and trekking Mt Kilimanjaro! In addition to making a difference in a disadvantaged country through improving education quality and assisting in the community, you will also have the chance to trek through the incredible landscape and go to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain.


First, you will be working in Arusha, where our hub is located, in a local school teaching conversational English, life skills, the environment, creative arts, and sports. You have plenty of opportunities to make the classes fun and create your own activities that make the learning fun for you and the students. While teaching at the school, you will be working on a renovation project. This project depends on what the school needs when you arrive in-country but will be based around creating a safe and inspiring environment for the children. After your wholesome volunteering at one of our partner schools, you will have the epic opportunity to climb up to Mt Kilimanjaro, 5,895m above sea level! It is a 6-day journey with gorgeous views through the tracks.


5. Wind Down at the Hot Springs

The hot springs around Arusha are a rainforest paradise with pools to swim in for hours to get away from the warm sun. There are a few hot springs, one being the Chemka Hot Springs, the water is geothermally warmed and makes for the perfect escape for you and fellow volunteers on your weekends off. And a good excuse to relax your muscles after a hard week of renovations in the community. The pool itself is framed by big, beautiful trees and is an amazing experience for those who haven’t experienced hot springs before. And what better place than a green paradise!


6. Our Local Hub, Arusha

Arusha is where you’ll be staying with us during your stint of volunteering in the local community. You’ll be happy with our chosen destination as it’s not as touristy and a more natural look into Tanzania. By saying that, you have your choice to explore the delicious food in town and make big plans for your weekends in the amazing places near Arusha. You can look forward to dinners out with your fellow volunteers with cuisines ranging from BBQ, taverns and grill houses to seafood shacks, and even fast food. If you’re craving food from home, don’t feel bad about going out for a cheeky bowl of chips!


7. The Sensational Serengeti

The Serengeti National Park is located in Northern Tanzania and is the area where the Great Migration can be seen with millions of wildebeests and thousands of zebras moving north, seeking feeding and breeding grounds. Because of the migration, this national park has been established as not only an important ecosystem but one of the oldest on Earth. This is thought to be because of the volcanic soils and their ecological impact that makes such a productive ecosystem. This park is known as a great safari park but also for the seemingly endless savannah and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Ngorongoro Crater, and the Ngorongoro Conservation Unit.


Tanzania is a wonderland of nature, animals, and views that look like they’ve been plucked right out of a documentary. You don’t need to look far to find a place that makes you never want to leave the warm sun in Africa. Join us on one of our volunteering programs to see why we think Tanzania is the destination to visit!