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The low-down on our Volunteer Accommodation

by isabelle mills 


A day of volunteering with us guarantees fun-filled activities, life-changing opportunities and plenty of time to make great memories. You will have the freedom to visit some of the most gorgeous sites in our chosen countries and unwind at some colourful bars and restaurants. At the end of the day, everyone comes home to our volunteer housing, where you'll be based for the 2+ weeks that you're volunteering. There are a few different types of accommodation that we have across our six countries - this article is to give you a better idea of where you'll be staying when you volunteer!


Our team members are based at the accommodation and are there to help you with anything you need, from teaching resources and advice about your challenge to helping you plan your weekend away and suggesting the best places to visit! Accompanying our in-country staff are our house keepers who are in charge of meals and keeping the accommodation nice and clean during your stay. You'll also be sharing the accommodation with other volunteers, which is an opportunity to learn from others and a bigger crew to go out and have fun with!  


Most locations where you'll be volunteering don't have safe drinking water, so we have our own clean water stations at the accommodation. Make sure you fill up your water bottle before you leave for volunteer project each day!



In Nepal you'll be based in the rural town of Dhulikhel in the Kathmandu valley. This means anywhere you look you’re getting a breath-taking view of the natural beauty of one of our most spectacular hub! Here, you will be staying in a local, family-run guesthouse. You'll have all your meals served by the house cook at the accommodation and there are plenty of spaces where you can relax and hang out with other volunteers. If you extend your adventure with our Extension Trip after your volunteering program, you will be staying at various hostels, teahouses, and guesthouses as you trek into the Himalayas!



Our Cambodian housing in Battambang looks like a mini-hotel with a top and bottom level, and even a rooftop that you’re free to watch the sunset on or relax under the warm sun. There are shared bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom with each room. If you hang around for the Extension Trip after your two weeks of volunteering, you will have the unique experience of a homestay in a traditional mud hut. The family you stay with cooks you an amazing dinner before your sleepover, and breakfast before your hike with them the next day.



Our Mae Sariang hub is near the Hill Tribe villages in Northern Thailand, giving a burst of culture and history right at the front door of our housing. We have our main accommodation which is a volunteer house with shared bedrooms and bathrooms. If you're visiting the Hill Tribes on your volunteer program you'll be staying in the local school where you have your own personal mosquito net, like a swag with a sleeping bag and mat. The hill tribes are a great opportunity to experience a more rustic lifestyle!



In India, at our Palampur location, you have the stunning view of mountain ranges including the famous Himalayas. You'll be staying in a family-run guesthouse that has the most magnificent views from the balcony is close to some great sights and activities to fill up your spare time and weekends. There will be shared rooms and bathrooms at the guesthouses and our favourite local cook will be preparing all your meals!



Our Tanzania location in the city of Arusha is a beautiful spot at the base of the Mt. Meru volcano. We are lucky to be situated near national parks like Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park. You will have the opportunity to go on an authentic African safari as well to make your trip even more memorable! We have a house for our volunteers to stay during their trip with shared rooms and bathrooms, this will make for some fun slumber parties and plenty of laughs along the way.



In our Peru hub, we are situated in the Sacred Valley, in and around Urubamba, a picturesque town with a stunning view of the Andes mountain range. And close to UNESCO World Heritage City, Cusco. We give our chosen communities business by having our volunteers stay in family-run guesthouses in town. A big plus to this, is our volunteers are given a home away from home. There are heaps of great places to visit and fantastic food to enjoy with your peers. By joining one of our challenges in Peru, you will have the opportunity to trek to the scenic Machu Picchu!