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Vital Stats

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North Korea

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Population = 51 Million People

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Currency = South Korean Won

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Language = Korean

About South Korea

Experience the dazzling city of Seoul as you embark on this unique program with Challenges Abroad. As you enjoy the lifestyle and culture of a Korean student and embrace everything this diverse city has to offer, you’ll be able to explore various attractions and cultural sites, immerse yourself in the growing K-Pop scene, and eat as much Kimchi as your heart desires! 



Introducing K-Design: There's no doubt that South Korea is slowly creeping to the top of everyone's bucket list of travel destinations. Home to traditional temples and palaces, as well as glimmering skyscrapers and a vibrant K-Pop culture, South Korea is a place of contrast and diversity. On this program you will not only get a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the design industry, but you will have a truly immersive experience as you embark on this exciting cultural exchange.